Loose/Tape Axial Resistor/Diode Lead Cut And Bend Machine

Loose/Tape Axial Resistor/Diode Lead Cut And Bend Machine


  • Suitable for Axial taped/loose resisitor and electronic components lead cutting and forming into U or F type assembly.
  • Forming Type: U type (horizontal)& F (vertical). Can not be shared for one machine
  • Optional electric modules, consisting of electric resistor lead forming machine

If you are interested in the machine, please write email and tell the following:

1. What components do you use? Resistor, diode or other components ?

2. Components are in tape or loose/bulk?

3. Components lead size?

4. Provide a picture to show how you bend the lead?


Cut and bend samples



1. This machine is suitable for axial tape or loose resistors and electronic components forming and cutting feet;
2. Forming and cutting feet can be finished by one time. Strong processing ability, the output can reach to 60000 components per hour;
3. Small volume, easy to hand operation can be installed in the desktop use, without being limited by the space;
4. Forming span and feet length are adjustable;
5. Using tools imported from Japan, durable;
6.U type (horizontal)& F (vertical) two models cannot be Shared. Please make clear before ordering.



For loose axial components, it can automaic feed components with the feeder bowl.



Axial Lead Former

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