Automatic Wire Twister, Wire Twisting Machine

Automatic Wire Twister, Wire Twisting Machine

Usage: Twist wires together fast and accurately, twisted effect like the flowing picture

  • Application: simple twisting processes with middle quality
  • Wire-fixtures with special snap hook and freely selectable holding device. (Holding device is not included.)
  • Forward and backward running are switchable.
  • Freely adjustable rotation speeds.
  • Freely adjustable twist cycles.

Twisting Samples

1.Advanced LCD+Backlit display mode.
2.Motor directly out of the shaft and no transmission torque loss.
Adopted the advanced electronic control braking mode,Zero-maintenance,no carbonate, electromagnetic brake, belt and so on mechanical wear and tear
rouble-free working for more than 20000 h, with perfect industrial protection circuit design
5.Good saving for setting data, data can be saved permanently..
6.Can Set winding directions for different sections separately. Positive and negtive counting function.

7.Can Set winding speed for different sections separately. Low noise, high torque at low speed constant.
8.Quick start, high speed,can brake at high speed, high efficiency. 0-9 slow start speed is selectable. Can set different slow start speed for different sections.
9.After winding, has functions of output statistics, the number of tips, automatic into the period.
10. Control system can be set as per needs.



Spindel rotation speed 300-7500 Adjustable Power supply AC220,AC110 V
Max wire diameter 3m Twist Quantity 0.5-9999.9 circles
Max Storage of Work pieces 99 Winding error Zero
Max winding process per piece 20 sections Max output



Pictures of wire twister twisting machine





Wire Twister

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